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    What Actually Goes on Inside an Airbag

    Research shows that air bags have likely saved at least 8,000 lives since they were first introduced in the early 70s. But they’re still explosive devices. YouTube channel Giaco decided to take a look at what that explosion really looks like, in slow motion. The results are dramatic. The term airbag isn’t even exactly accurate because when […] More

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    Rahsia jenis tayar kereta yang patut anda tahu

    Pernah tak anda terfikir kenapa bunga tayar (tread) kereta ada banyak jenis? Adakah ia sekadar hiasan semata-mata? ataupun ada rahsia di sebaliknya. Sebenarnya ia bukanlah rahsia sebabnya kebanyakan orang lelaki sudah maklum mengenai beberapa jenis bunga tayar kereta dan tujuannya. Selalunya kita mesti biasa dengar bila nak pilih jenis tayar, bising ke? Boleh belah air […] More

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    What Happens when you Drive Without your Key Fob?

    Nowadays, dealerships don’t actually hand over the keys to our new car – well, not the keys that we’ve grown accustomed to at least. Instead, what you get is a plastic-ish casing the size of a matchbox, called Key Fobs. While some of these key fobs still contain the physical key, it essentially allows you […] More

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    Simple Car Battery Maintenance Tips with Bosch

    According to a survey recently conducted by Bosch Malaysia, it found that seven out of 10 vehicle breakdowns are caused by battery malfunctions. Out of that, they also found that 75 per cent of Malaysian drivers use maintenance-free batteries, with the rest on conventional lead-acid batteries. The common misconception with car batteries is usually among […] More

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      What exactly is car mold? Molds are a type of fungus and are part of the natural environment. They are microorganisms that play a role in nature outdoors because they are decomposers of dead organic materials (such as fallen leaves and dead trees). Molds reproduce by the means of tiny spores invisible to the naked eye and […] More

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    You sure love your car. The two of you spend a lot of time together. All you really want to do is to keep your car brand new as those cars sparkling in the lights of the showroom on the day you bought it off. Okay, we both know that is not maintainable, but you […] More

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    Tahukah anda, 7 tabiat ini boleh menyebabkan kereta rosak !

    Bila dah lama memandu kereta, banyak pulak tabiat pelik yang dapat kita lihat. Tapi tak semua tabiat tu elok tau. Jom kita check apa antara tabiat yang tak elok ketika memandu. Harap-harap jangan lah ulang tabiat ni ye, sat gi lain pulak hal yang jadi. 1. Mengabaikan penggunaan hand brake Apabila berada di kawasan cerun, […] More

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    What Are the Risk of Lowering My Car?

    It has become fairly common for car owners to modify their cars’ suspensions to make their car ride lower. Usually aesthetics are one of the most important reasons for reducing ride height but in theory there are other advantages such as: Handling can be improved by lowering the car’s center of gravity, which tends to […] More

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    What Actually a Car’s Clutch Do ?

    This is what happens inside the vehicle when you press the pedal. The clutch pedal is the third one you’ll find in manual transmission cars, the one on the far left a driver must press for every gear change. If you can drive stick, then you already knew that. But you might not have spent much […] More

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    Kamera ‘dashboard’ atau ‘dashcam’ kini semakin popular kerana kegunaanya yang pelbagai. Salah satunya adalah dapat merekodkan pelbagai kejadian yang berlaku di atas jalan dan semasa kita berada dalam kereta. Walaubagaimanapun, sebelum membeli atau memilih ‘dashcam‘, anda perlu mengetahui dan mempertimbangkan beberapa ciri penting tentang fungsi dashcam. Penting ke penggunaan dashcam? For my view, ya kegunaan dashcam masa kini sangat penting. […] More

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    Federal Tire’s 595 RS-RR Triumphs in German Design Award 2018

    Federal Tire is proud to announce that its award-winning 595 RS-RR UHP tire triumphs once again in the German Design Award 2018 for its refined outlook, exceptional steering, and prolonged endurance. Launched in 2012, the German Design Award is the top international prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and honor […] More

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