Infographic: How Does a Hybrid Car Engine Actually Work?

Hybrids have been gaining considerable traction within Malaysia, due in part to their affordability and efficient fuel consumption. As the government tax exemption for hybrid and electric cars is coming to an end, now is a great time to examine some of the best hybrid cars available in Malaysia. Those who wish to play their part in making Malaysia a greener place should consider some of popular hybrids vehicle such as Toyota Prius C and Honda Jazz Hybrid

We know about hybrid cars and their impressive sales over the past several years, but how do they actually work?

Infographics are always a bit of a hodgepodge of statistics culled from a variety of sources. Here, we sort through the clutter and pull out some of our favorite facts and figures:

  • The price of gas is a major reason why sales of green cars, including hybrids, are expected to increase four times by 2016.
  • Seventy-five percent of those who say they would consider a hybrid car cite lower fuel costs as the main reason.
  • The Toyota Prius, the world’s most popular hybrid car, uses a combination of an internal combustion engine and a battery electric drive system to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.
  • When pulling away from a stop, the electric motor powers the car, drawing on the battery for power. Up to 15 mph, the vehicle uses only the electrical motor for power. This is one of the reasons why hybrids are more efficient during city driving than on the highway.
  • During normal cruising only the gasoline engine is used because this is when it is most efficient. During cruising, the gasoline engine can also power the generator, which produces electricity and stores it in the batteries for later use.
  • During heavy acceleration both the gasoline engine and the electric motor work together to increase power to the wheels. The joint effort of the engine and motor working together is only possible because of the power-split transmission, which combines the torque that each one puts out. At this time, the gasoline engine also powers the generator. The electric motor uses electricity from the battery and the generator as needed.

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