DON’T PANIC! Here are what to do when driving over flooded roads

It’s a situation every driver in Malaysia will encounter, especially during the rainy season. Floods are so common that whenever we see a car marooned in water on social media, we commiserate and move on with a what you can do.

The familiar stretch of road in front of you is covered with water. The car ahead of you pushes forward and makes it through. Observe its size and ground clearance. If it is of similar dimensions to your vehicle, you may have a good chance of making it through.

If you decide to brave the flooded section, approach cautiously and wade into it. Keep up a steady pressure on the throttle pedal to maintain vehicle speed. You should be fast enough that the car won’t stall and slow enough so that the waters don’t wash over the hood. If there is a car ahead of you, make sure you leave plenty of room in between before you go into the water. Otherwise, find a safe place to stop, turn on your hazard lights, and wait it out.

If your engine dies, do not panic. Keep a clear head, breathe, and you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Do not attempt to restart the engine. The impulse is hard to resist, we know, but doing so may cause further damage to the engine and electronics of the vehicle. If the engine is still running and you’re stuck in traffic with water levels rising fast, turn it off and remove the key from the ignition. Get your valuables, get out and call for help. Next, get hold of your auto insurance provider to arrange for a tow truck.

Take pictures of everything. Marks on the body of the car will show the highest water level during the flood. All this will help you in the insurance claim that is to come.

(Credit: TheStar Online)

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