“Looking for Lassa Performance Tyres? We are here at Shah Alam!”

Lassa Tyres are manufactured in Europe by Brisa Bridgestone Corporation, and roll off the same production lines as their more famous counterparts, sharing many of the same patterns and compounds with Bridgestone. Lassa produces durable and high quality tyres for drivers who require both safety and performance and who also expect maximum value from their tyre choice.

Are you looking for the best performance yet affordable tyres for your vehicles in Shah Alam area? Worry no more because Lassa Tyres Malaysia has officially launched its tire at the store for premium performance-oriented at Sumec Tyre Premium Center Sdn Bhd(Shah Alam). It kind of store that will carry the complete range of ultra-high performance and racing of Lassa tyres. Sumec Premium will also have a lot of branded items that you can choose. In addition, there are facilities for customers to obtain professional tire maintenance services.

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Sumec Premium also offered a regular maintenance services of suspension, brakes and other. There were monthly installment for qualified customers, to enable them to have the goods and items they need.

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