Having an accident ??? What should I do now ?!

There is a way of claiming accident car insurance when you are involving with car damage without any physical injury to the driver.

In the case of your car being hit, the car in violation of you must also report so that the cost of repairs is borne by the individual car insurance. Here’s a list of car insurance steps when it happens to your car.

  1. After an accident, park your vehicle on the shoulder of the road to unblock the traffic.
  2. Check the damage to your vehicle from outside.
  3. Take a picture of the breaking car and take the details of the involved car including vehicle plate number and road tax vehicle.
  4. Take a picture of the damage that occurred to your vehicle.
  5. Get vehicle driver information that hitting your car. Request their identity card and take pictures. If rejected, state that they may be prosecuted under Section 52 (1) of the Road Enforcement Act 1987, for preventing your rights to obtain personal information of the violators.
  6. Get the vehicle driver’s telephone number when it’s a private vehicle or company’s telephone number if the infringement is a company vehicle. Make sure that the phone number provided can be contacted exactly to avoid being fooled by them.
  7. When your vehicle is still safe to drive, point to the nearest traffic police station and make a police report.
  8. If the vehicle cannot be driven, contact your insurance company for a truck tow. Avoid using truck tow services that come to offer their workshop assistance and services.
  9. Preliminary investigations of the accident cases that occurred to you will be conducted by the investigating officer, assistant investigating officer or police chief of the station after receiving your repot.
  10. The case will be decided within 15 days after the accident by investigators. In less than 3 working days copies of your report will be given, while rough diagrams and accident photos will be submitted in less than 15 days.

Come back to the police station after the results of the case, accident pictures, and rough diagrams were removed. The three things need to be available to make an insurance claim for the cost of repairing your car damages. After that, make a claim to the insurance company as soon as possible. Make a letter to the insurance company for reasons of delay in making a car damage claim if you fail to commit a claim.

Reports must be made within 7 days to make a claim, if you are injured and must be treated in hospital within 30 days of the incident, provide evidence when reporting. Send your car to your official repair centre or insurance panel workshop to bear immediately. When your car is Proton, then send it to the Proton overhaul center, so in turn with any other brand. This is to ensure that the spare parts used are original in accordance with your car model. In addition, repairs in the service centre will speed up the process of insurance claims and repairs to your car.

When making a claim to the insurance company, complete the documents i.e. copy of identity card, copy of driver’s license, insurance covernote, copy of grant, police report, accident diagram, and accident sketch from the police station. When an accident is not due to your negligence, your No Claim Discount will not be affected directly.

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