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Premium engine protection you can afford – Full Bore PLUS SERIES

There are times when compromises have to be made when faced with budget, and this may include having to resort to cheaper engine oil alternatives. While it may be easier on your wallet, the authenticity of the product can never be guaranteed, and may even prove to the harmful to your car’s engine.

Due to the narrow oil conduit design and for purpose of energy and oil saving, an increasing number of car makers with new engines and hybrid system engines are assigning the use of 0W motor oil for newly developed car models. However due to the expensive manufacturing cost of 0W, many products in the market contain mineral oil as the base oil for cost reduction. FULL BORE holds to the use of full synthetic GROUP III base oil, GROUP IV PAO, and GROUP V POLYOL-ESTER for all 0W series to improve the flow rate of motor oil, enhance heat dissipation, and successfully curb oil temperature so that your car will retain the most efficient engine output.

With the Full Bore engine oil edition, you don’t have to compromise on price or quality because a premium fully synthetic engine oil from a trusted brand has never been so affordable.

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